A Dental Crown Can Fix Your Damaged or Decayed Tooth!

Crowns are durable “jackets” that are placed over a tooth to protect it and strengthen it or to improve it’s appearance.  They can also be used to restore teeth that have extensive decay or very large fillings. With that, because they surround the entire tooth, they’re an important part of the dental bridge process, used to strengthen the teeth that serve as attachment points for the bridge device.

If you have a broken or decayed tooth that can’t be fixed with a filling, inlay, or other dental restoration procedure, a dental crown may be the best option to restore the tooth back to it’s normal state. A crown is designed to cover the damaged part of the tooth and will restore it back to it’s original size, shape and overall structure.

You May Need a Crown If:

  • You have extensive decay or damage to a tooth
  • You have had a root canal
  • You have a tooth that has more filling than actual tooth structure
  • Finishing off a dental implant

The Process

We’ll prepare your tooth by removing enamel and dentin to allow room for the crown.  We’ll then make a model of your teeth and gums and will fit the prepared tooth with a temporary crown.  The model is then sent to the dental lab where they will create your final crown, and when  ready, you’ll return to our office to have it fitted.

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