If you Have Missing Teeth, Dentures or Partials May Be The Solution!

If you have teeth that are loose or painful, caused by bone loss from periodontal disease, they may not be able to be saved. Removing and replacing them with a denture may be the only solution in eliminating the infection and restoring your smile and chewing ability.

We begin the process by taking impressions of your mouth and from these, we create precise working models of your teeth which is what we use to create your dentures.

When your denture is ready to be placed, we will extract your remaining teeth and your denture will immediately be placed in your mouth.

Dental Implant Supported Dentures

The use of dental implants to retain your denture is a very significant innovation for us. Since the denture is held in place with dental implants rather than an adhesive, your dentures are held more firmly in place and can be removed for cleaning.

Partial Denture

A partial denture is used for replacing some of your missing teeth. By filling in the spaces, a partial denture stops the teeth on either side of the space from shifting. When missing teeth aren’t replaced, this can set off a chain reaction that can result in cavities and periodontal disease.

A partial denture also helps to balance your bite which results in better chewing and a healthier jaw joint. Partials also add support to the cheeks and lips which is necessary for clear speaking and good facial structure.

We can help if you’re missing some or all of your teeth! Give our office a call at 323.931.3881 to find out more about our dentures & partials here in Los Angeles, or to discuss the other dental services we provide.


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