Lumineers Are An Ideal Alternative For Conventional Veneers

If you want to better your smile with minimal invasion, Lumineers may be right for you. Contrary to applying veneers, most patients receiving Lumineers don’t require teeth to be shaved down. Porcelain veneers must also be made in a lab, leaving patients with temporary veneers while they wait for their permanent ones. Due to the ease and immediate results, Lumineers are an ideal substitute for conventional veneers.

As slender as a contact lens, Lumineers cover chipped, blemished, and crooked teeth revealing a happy, confident smile. During the procedure, Dr. Marvizi will adhere Lumineers to your teeth with a curing light to bond them securely in place. You won’t even need an anesthetic!

With the five-year warranty, you can ensure your smile’s full potential. Studies show that Lumineers can benefit your smile for up to 20 years.

The best part is that there’s no recovery time – you will see results immediately, and there’s no sensitivity or pain after the procedure.

Lumineers  have helped so many people regain their self-esteem!

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